About This Project

We love hand-finished products. And we want you to have something handcrafted in your hand. That’s why we place a lot of time and effort into each piece, creating each especially for you. No machine can replace the individual care that a human places when handcrafting an object.¬†When seen like this, all the small differences become something special.


Because of that, we will not package half-baked ideas with glossy paper to make them look shiny and interesting at first glance. We don’t want you to feel empty when you have a closer look at any of our products. We are only interested in launching complete and thought-through ideas that were proven successful and meet our standards of high quality. Our audience is the true professionals and the true students of magic who understand that.


This is why we want to guarantee any of our customers that what they are receiving is special, unique, and that very other few people in the world will have access to. This exclusivity and the personalization factor that we place in each product are key elements for us. We love the whole process of creating a unique experience, and we believe the serious magic practitioner also appreciates it. If you decide to give us your trust, you will receive a limited edition product and belong to a small community that values that information.


Towards this end, we will try as much as possible to use eco-friendly processes and recycled materials. We will not lower our standards of quality but always find creative solutions to achieve our goals and still keep in mind the environment. We want to embrace a culture that cares about others and not only their individual goals. That’s why we care about intellectual property and authorship, only working with collaborators that believe in the same ideal as we do.


We will only deliver to you products we are proud of and that we would love to purchase ourselves. This is our guarantee and one we will live by.