Beer-lover like no other in magic, don’t let this fact fool you. When it comes to magic, Denis Behr is always thinking ahead. Two of his many weapons are his offbeat sense of humor and technical excellence. The two published volumes of Handcrafted Magic, as well as his Conjuring Archive and the new website Conjuring Credits, are only the visible part of Behr’s outstanding contributions to magic.

Denis Behr

Editor of The Magic Circle's magazine, The Magic Circular, Will Houstoun has become a household name in magic history and research. His books Hellis in Wonderland and The Notebook take the reader on mystifying and profound journeys. As our in-house editor, he helps us pursue new approaches to magic by grounding us in the beautiful and mysterious past. He was recently voted ``Close-up Magician of the Year 2015`` by the Magic Circle in London.

Will Houstoun

Creator of the clever magazine test ``Glance,`` Steve Thompson is a quiet voice in the magic community, choosing to work behind the scenes in many cases. He has designed large scale illusions and special effects that rely on new principles, in what we could literally call thinking outside of the box. Even though he stays somewhat outside the magic community, his notoriety is growing fast, having designed routines for David Blaine and consulted on several TV shows.

Steve Thompson

Harapan Ong is a magician from Singapore whose focus has been inventing and designing new routines. He has lectured for magicians around the world, including at The Magic Circle in London. His booklet, Close Culls, which features his original work, was an instant hit and sold out on launch day. Besides magic, his other interest resides in physics. He obtained a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Cambridge, and is now working as a physics educator in Singapore.

Harapan Ong

Elliott Terral, perhaps the magic community’s most sartorially sound member, has devoted countless hours of study to magic. By consequence, Elliott’s in depth understanding of the art has proved invaluable to scholars alike. Currently Elliott runs and manages Art of Magic, a new online community dedicated to the creative pursuit of conjuring.

Elliott Terral

Creator, thinker, consultant and performer, this Portuguese born sleight-of-hand magician is one of the leading magicians in the Spanish school of thought. Combining his theater studies degree with his passion for magic, Helder constantly creates modern compelling pieces, some of which have awarded him multiple prizes in the magic community. Besides being a contributor, he will also be our curator.

Helder Guimarães

Dallas based sleight-of hand magician, Jared Kopf is not only one of the most skillful magicians with a deck of cards, he is also one of the best students in magic. A protégé of Bob White and the Vernon school, Jared can recall from memory many passages from the classic treatises on conjuring. More importantly, he puts these words into practice. Jared is constantly trying to refine and rethink magic, and we are glad to have him and his thinking on board.

Jared Kopf

Writer of essays and shows, Ramón Mayrata is a deep thinker in magic’s history and an artist with words. With Juan Tamariz, he created Editorial Frakson, publishing some of the most important works in magic ever. He is the professor of magic history in Escorial’s Centro Universitario María Cristina. In 2015, he published El Mago Manco, a novel inspired by a secret reveled to him by René Lavand. His blog essays inspired us, and we are sure they will do the same for you.

Ramón Mayrata

Although he holds two masters degrees in Physics from Yale, Richard Hatch finds it easier apparently to violate the laws of nature than to discover them. Richard is best known for his translations from German to English of works by Ottokar Fischer, Paul Potassy and Roberto Giobbi and for his research on Erdnase. He currently lives in Logan, Utah where he runs the Hatch Academy of Magic and Music with his wife, violinist Rosemary Kimura Hatch.

Richard Hatch

At only 17 years of age, Pit Hartling conquered the magic world by winning an award at the World Championship of Magic. His Little Green Lecture and best-selling book Card Fictions became instant classics in modern conjuring and gave us a glimpse inside his devilishly creative mind. His creativity has no limits, and his Heinz character is one more hilarious side of this. Don’t miss out on anything Pit does!

Pit Hartling

We have the pleasure of Roberto Mansilla's presence on our team all the way from the beautiful land of Argentina. Adept at the Spanish School of Thought and a true student of magic and its craft, Roberto focuses his work on parlor sleight-of-hand miracles. His two published works, Outstanding and Eureka, show us his practical thinking and clever problem solving ideas. But his written words, like his Spanish publication Profonde, are even more amazing.

Roberto Mansilla

Shimpei Katsuragawa started in magic by chance: he met Bernard Bilis in a department store and was mesmerized by what he could do with a deck of cards. His other passion for music brought him recognition as a musician and teacher. His search to combine both led him to travel the world as a performer and admired lecturer. He is also the owner of La Campanella, a salon in Nagoya offering gourmet dinner, music, and close-up magic in a unique experience.

Shimpei Katsuragawa

West coast magic innovator Dave Buck is the co-founder of Dan and Dave Industries. Dave understands that design is in the details, and as a result his aesthetic approach to magic has continuously informed the art since the early 2000s. Dave’s creative process and devotion to our craft has ushered magic into the twenty-first century.

Dave Buck


Catarina divides her career in the aesthetic world. She holds a Design degree and practices fashion styling. Her concept of good taste and European sense of style bring a different flavor to magic books and products. She is responsible for creative choices and elegant graphics.

Catarina Marques

Max is an avid magician, entrepreneur, software engineer, and student of life. He is fascinated by the intersection between technology, magic, and psychology.

Max Mednik

Despite some exposure to magic kits as a kid, Mike's magical journey actually started in graduate school. Thanks to eBay, he stumbled upon magic again and soon starting to collect magic books. He began proofreading/copy-editing magic books in 2009. He has since worked on over 100 magic books, booklets and projects, including over 75 in the last two years alone.

Mike Vance